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A theory of future social change

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Author: Sica, Alan, 1949-
Advisor: Vanfossen, Marion G.
Committee Members: Kerner, John S.; Guenther, Anthony L.
Abstract: "This study was undertaken in the belief that current theories of social change, especially those espoused and utilized by sociologists, are inadequate as explanatory tools regarding certain types of social change in the future. One unorthodox theory of change, that of Richard T. LaPiere, was found to be of more use than others. This theory was radically modified to better facilitate the analysis of the latest manifestations of social change. A survey of social change in Western history from the middle ages to the present day was performed in order to illustrate the efficacy of LaPiere’s theory plus the attendant modifications proposed by the author. Finally, the societal problems which may well evolve along with the new form of change were examined. Some minor suggestions for mitigating the impact of these problems were made."
Issued Date: 1974-08
Subjects: Social change
Social prediction
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10288/15941
Degree: Masters of Arts in Sociology

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