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Strongly Real Conjugacy Classes of the Finite Unitary Group

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Author: Gates, Zachary
Advisor: Vinroot, C. Ryan
Committee Members: Deconinck, Wouter; Yu, Gexin
Issued Date: 7/13/2012
Subjects: Mathematics
Group Theory
Conjugacy class
Classical groups
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10288/16707
Description: In this paper we examine the real and strongly real conjugacy classes of the finite unitary group. We describe the conjugacy classes in terms of elementary divisors, and we first provide a reduction to simple cases of elementary divisors. We then provide nearly a full description of the strongly real conjugacy classes for the unitary group over an odd characteristic finite field. Lastly, we state some results on the strongly real conjugacy classes of the finite symplectic group obtained from its embedding in the finite unitary group.
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Mathematics

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