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Electrodynamics of Annealed and Unannealed La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Thin FIlms

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Author: Branagan, Daniel Robert
Advisor: Qazilbash, M. Mumtaz
Committee Members: Krakauer, Henry; Lukaszew, R. A. (Rosa Alejandra); Hinders, Mark K., 1963-
Issued Date: 7/17/2012
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10288/16748
Description: My project explored the impact of temperature and annealing on the optical constants of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 (LSMO) films grown on a lanthanum aluminate (LAO) substrate. This was done with infrared and optical spectroscopy, which allows us to measure the complex dielectric function of the material. Both the substrate and the film-substrate system have been modeled in order to closely examine the properties of annealed and unannealed LSMO. The Jahn-Teller energy splitting was measured, and an additional feature in the unannealed film conductivity allowed the Hund's coupling energy to be deduced directly.
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Physics

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