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Robert Pleasants Letterbook [Photocopy Version]

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Author: Pleasants, Robert
Abstract: Photocopy version of original letter book.Letterbook, 1771-1781, of Pleasants includes letters written to family members, friends and to merchants in Philadelphia, New York, and England. Subjects include shipping of tobacco and other crops, buying of goods, the Quaker religion, slavery and its abolition, and the coming and progress of the American Revolution. Includes letter, March 1781, to [Benedict Arnold] and a letter, 22 September 1773, to Archibald Cary concerning the treatment of religious prisoners in the Chesterfield County, Virginia jail. Another correspondent was Anthony Benezet. Also includes a deed of manumission. NOTE: first letter of 1773 is dated incorrectly as 1772.
Issued Date: 1771-1781
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10288/21759
Citation: Robert Pleasants Letterbook, Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.

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Mss.Msv.CP9_20150313_1772_part1.pdf 5.845Mb PDF Thumbnail 1772 part 1
Mss.Msv.CP9_20150313_1772_part2.pdf 5.608Mb PDF Thumbnail 1772 part 2
Mss.Msv.CP9_20150313_1772_part3.pdf 5.659Mb PDF Thumbnail 1772 part 3
Mss.Msv.CP9_20150313_1772_part4.pdf 5.340Mb PDF Thumbnail 1772 part 4
Mss.Msv.CP9_20150313_1773_part1.pdf 4.372Mb PDF Thumbnail 1773 part 1
Mss.Msv.CP9_20150313_1773_part2.pdf 4.430Mb PDF Thumbnail 1773 part 2
Mss.Msv.CP9_20150313_1773_part3.pdf 4.446Mb PDF Thumbnail 1773 part 3
Mss.Msv.CP9_20150313_1773_part4.pdf 4.182Mb PDF Thumbnail 1773 part 4
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150316_1774_part1.pdf 5.589Mb PDF Thumbnail 1774 part 1
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150316_1774_part2.pdf 5.412Mb PDF Thumbnail 1774 part 2
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150316_1774_part3.pdf 2.962Mb PDF Thumbnail 1774 part 3
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150317_1775_part1.pdf 3.469Mb PDF Thumbnail 1775 part 1
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150317_1775_part2.pdf 3.620Mb PDF Thumbnail 1775 part 2
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150317_1780_1781_part1.pdf 5.044Mb PDF Thumbnail 1780-1781 part 1
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150317_1780_1781_part2.pdf 5.247Mb PDF Thumbnail 1780-1781 part 2
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150317_1780_1781_part3.pdf 5.142Mb PDF Thumbnail 1780-1781 part 3
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150317_1780_1781_part4.pdf 5.143Mb PDF Thumbnail 1780-1781 part 4
MSS.Msv.CP9_20150317_1780_1781_part5.pdf 3.658Mb PDF Thumbnail 1780-1781 part 5

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