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Baytop-Fitzhugh Papers: Accounts and Receipts, 1840-1865

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Author: Fitzhugh, Rufus King; Fitzhugh, Lucinda; Fitzhugh, George; Conway, Jane A.; Weaver, John; Conway, William H.; Conway, F.T.
Issued Date: 1840
Subjects: Agriculture--Virginia--History--19th century
Anti-slavery movements
Baytop family
Farm management
Fitzhugh family
Gloucester County, Virginia--History--19th century
Greene County, Virginia--History--19th century
Legal documents
Marriage--Virginia--Gloucester County
Slavery--Southern States--History
Slavery--Virginia--19th century
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--Slavery
Women--Virginia--Social life and customs
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10288/22337
Citation: Baytop-Fitzhugh Papers, Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.
Description: Item 1: Account of Rufus K. Fitzhugh, Stanardsville, Virginia with William H. Guns and Co.,Stanardsville, Virginia, 2 July 1840 2 pages. Document. For the purchase of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, clothing and housewares. Including Typewritten Copy of Document. 2 pages. Item 2: Accounts, 21 December 1840-January 1866 14 pages. Document. On foodstuffs, farming supplies and equipment charged by Rufus Fitzhugh; notes borrowing money signed by Lucinda Fitzhugh, George Fitzhugh and Rufus Fitzhugh; receipt for purchase of a small child's coffin; receipt of payment on loans of cash and also on the use of slaves. Including Typewritten Copy of Document. 4 pages. Item 3: Accounts and receipts of Mr. Rufus King Fitzhugh, 13 April 1843-19 May 1859 5 pages. Document. For the purchase of shrubbery, trees and bee hives. Item 4: Annual tax receipts of Rufus King Fitzhugh, 1845-1865 11 pages. Document. Paid to the Sheriff of Greene County for land, slaves; horses, county and parish levies. Item 5: Receipt of payment by Rufus King Fitzhugh, 14 January 1852-4 January 1854 2 pages. Document For $70.00; receipt of payment by Rufus King Fitzhugh for $30.22 1/4; receipt of payment by Rufus King Fitzhugh for $90.00. Including Typewritten Copy of Document. 1 page. Item 6: Account of Thomas Carpenter, deceased, 22 April 1852 1 page. Document. For lodging and meals as settled by John Weaver, Administrator. Including Typewritten Copy of Document. 1 page. Item 7: Accounts of Rufus King Fitzhugh,guardian of the Children of Mary Ann Conway, October 1852-1 January 1853 2 pages. Document Including Typewritten Copy of Document. 2 pages. Item 8: Receipt of Rufus K. Fitzhugh for bonds from the estate of Verlinda T. Conway, deceased as distributed by Battalie F. T. Conway, 4 January 1853 1 page.Document Including Typewritten Copy of Document. 1 page. Item 9: Receipts of Rufus King Fitzhugh, 21 April 1856-15 March 1858 2 pages. Document. For furnishings and carriage accessories bought in Richmond, Virginia and New York N.Y. Item 10: Account of Rufus King Fitzhugh with Gibbons and Mitchell, 15 May 1860-19 January 1861 2 pages. Document. For material, hardware, clothing, school books, and candy. Including Typewritten Copy of Document. 1 page. Item 11: "A list of Rufus King Fitzhugh, Jackson County, Arkansas, no date 3 pages. Document. Of property destroyed and taken off by the Federated Army commanded by Gen. Curtis"; list includes "seven Negro men," the house, farm animals, tools, and crops. Including Typewritten Copy of Document. 1 page. Item 12: Lucie Baytop, Springfield, Gloucester County, Virginia to "my dear sister," Hetty Fitzhugh, Stanardsville, Greene County, Virginia, no date 2 pages. Autograph Letter Signed. Sends recipe for salting butter and preserving eggs; congratulates her on birth of son; looks forward to seeing her. Including Typewritten Copy of Autograph Letter Signed. 1 page. Item 13: Receipt of Rufus K. Fitzhugh, no date 1 page. Document. For the purchase of trees, shrubbery and flowers.

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