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Cavalier (Williamsburg, Va.)

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Issued Date: 1862-1864
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10288/22557
Citation: Cavalier, (Williamsburg, Va.) Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.
Description: Imprint varies: Yorktown, Va., S.C. Hough and T.C. Fell, 1863-1864; T.C. Fell and I. Barkley, Apr. 1, 1864. Published by the Union Army. Cf. Cappon, L.J. Va. newspapers. Also available on microfilm from Bell and Howell, Micro Photo Div. United States Virginia York Yorktown. United States Virginia Williamsburg. Weekly gazette and Eastern Virginia advertiser Weekly review (Williamsburg, Va.)

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AN47.W54C38_20171009_03.pdf 52.39Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_04.pdf 52.00Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_05.pdf 57.81Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_06.pdf 54.47Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_07.pdf 41.54Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_08.pdf 37.77Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_09.pdf 39.62Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_10.pdf 40.71Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_11.pdf 38.07Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_12.pdf 67.85Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_13.pdf 43.30Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_14.pdf 41.54Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_15.pdf 43.12Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_16.pdf 42.50Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_17.pdf 51.44Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_18.pdf 51.92Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_19.pdf 71.22Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_20.pdf 72.88Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_21.pdf 48.37Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_22.pdf 49.67Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_23.pdf 27.46Mb PDF Thumbnail
AN47.W54C38_20171009_24.pdf 76.41Mb PDF Thumbnail

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