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Office of the Bursar Records


The records of the Office of the Bursar are some of the earliest and most comprehensive records of the College of William and Mary from the 18th century surviving to the present day. Of particular note are various references to individuals enslaved by the College as well as to the Brafferton Indian School. The collection includes Bursar's reports, financial statements, statements of rents due to the College, accounts with individuals, lists of tenants, receipts and expenditures, revenues from the exportation of tobacco, duties on skins and furs, bills of lading, as well as indentures of people to the College. The account books reference student accounts, including that of Thomas Jefferson.

The bills of lading include the name of the ship, the destination (i.e., London, Philadelphia) and sometimes the name of the ship's captain.

Several documents reference payment for servants' [enslaved individuals] clothes, board, and other general expenses and sometimes include names, such as Lemon, Pompey, and Oliver.

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