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Lips: Expressions of Female Sexuality


Lips is a zine first published in 2007 by Annie Brown, Ashley Poling, Janet King, and Sarah Ruth Goldman for a Women's Studies Project at the College of William and Mary. The stated goal of the magazine was to combine art and information to create an intelligent, entertaining, creative and honest discourse about sex from the female perspective. The zine accepts art, poetry, short stories, essays, magazine clippings, or anything that authors think expresses their views on sex and/or your homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or any other type of sexual relationships.

Recent Submissions

    College of William and Mary.Students; Beacham, Chris; Schuster, Sarah (2013-05-10)
    College of William and Mary Students; Schuster, Sarah; Beacham, Chris (2012-11)
    College of William and Mary. Students; Beacham, Chris; Mabile, Natalie; Little, Becky; Zaki, Zeinah; Schuster, Sarah; Sanabria, Pati; Glasebrook, Audrey; Robinson, Meredith; Prins, Emma; Petrino, Dan (2012-04-25)
    College of William and Mary. Students (2011-12-02)
    Poling, Ashley; Brown, Andrea Frances; King, Janet; Goldman, Sarah Ruth (2007)